RNI Newspaper Registration

Procedure for RNI Newspaper Registration

The registration for the newspaper involves a rather elaborate procedure. If you have the intentions to commence the independent chain of newspapers, then the title that the newspaper is supposed to carry must be verified from the Registrar of Newspaper in India. In order for that to take place, your publishing head must write an application addressed to District Magistrate so as to get the title that the newspaper will carry and be known for, periodicity, language that the content of the newspaper will be written in, the owner’s name, and the place of publication verified. In today’s time period, the newspaper registration can be done online for you can apply for the verification via the virtual platform, which is an immense time-saver.
After the applicant’s authenticity has been evaluated by the District Magistrate, the process of forwarding the application to the RNI takes place. The RNI further reviews the overall credentials and the other documents linked as well as its full aspects. If all the process and checking passes the tests then the RNI confirms the decision to the District Magistrate and the publisher for the issue of the newspaper’s title via an official letter.
After this, the publisher will file the copy of the declaration to the District Magistrate in the prescribed structure and that will give a head start to the publication of the newspaper.
According to the norms, the newspaper’s first issue should take place within the 45 days from the day of the validity of declaration if the newspaper is of weekly or daily publication period, however, in the case of the periodical, the issue can take place within the time period of 90 days. During the course of submission to RNI, you will be needed to generate an attested copy of declaration of the title verification, the name in which the newspaper is supposed to be printed under, the newspaper’s first issue, along with a “No foreign tie-up” affidavit, which has to be attested by Notary. In case, the publisher and the printer are different, then separate declarations will be accepted for the newspaper approval and publication.

The newly published newspaper must comprise of the following details:

  • The number of volumes.
  • The number of the issue.
  • Display of the title of the newspaper on the cover page including all the other pages.
  • The date line as well as the page number on every page.
  • The imprint that encompasses the name of the publisher, printer, owner and editor, the publication location’s addresses, the printing press and all the other significant names.

The laws governing the nation of India applies to the newspaper that will run in the country, therefore, get everything verified because in the initial stages the documents might be asked at several chains to see to it that the newspaper is legit and in the favor of the freedom of speech, media and general public’s interests.
Newspaper being the most important part of everyone’s daily life gets them the knowledge on the events happening all across the globe as well as nationally and regionally is liable to produce the information that is correct and is in no way misleading the readers. Speaking to the public via narrating stories of the person and telling the facts that surrounds them, earns newspaper either respect or disgrace which is why before becoming the publisher of the newspaper, the sheets that are bound make certain impressions on the mind of the reader, the publisher must be aware of the responsibility that comes along with the publication.
In the preliminary stage, when the newspaper first copies are published the aspiring newspaper agency must issue the exact number of newspapers that was stated in the document to the RNI because if the number is less, then the RNI reserves the right to discard the possibility of newspaper becoming a part of the newspapers that the hundreds of thousands of Indians look forward to every morning.
The process to get the approval of the newspaper publication from the RNI may first seem like a task that involves too many steps or is tough to do but in reality with the right guidance and dedication to get the goal that you want you will witness your dream aim become a reality.
Do not have in mind that the easy way out will bear fruitful results because the way to the legal establishment of the genuine newspaper agency will need all the official approval that it can get so that it is acknowledged both in the eyes of the government and the public.
When making way to the office of the District Magistrate, ensure that you have all the documents related to the printing and publishing of the newspaper because if any of the documents seems to be missing, the District Magistrate will not wait and cancel the time taken by you. Even though in such cases you can always come back to him or her but that will not make a good impression.
If you are the publishing head and do not have another company taking care of running to the RNI then maybe it will be a good thing to hire another publishing head or newspaper registration agent because getting everything in line for the commencement of the newspaper is a task that will consume time and will need organization which will be possible if separate heads take care of the specific sections.
Take the right steps to get your name recognized as the largest circulated newspaper in the culturally rich country of India. Compile by the rules and regulations laid down by the Registrar of Newspaper in India for a smooth and legal attainment of authority to become one.
The norms of the Registrar of Newspaper in India apply to every newspaper agency and without the registration the newspaper published will be nothing less than the illegal sheets of paper that are not eligible to be given to the public. Therefore, abide by the rules to make your space in the habits and preferences of the public.