RNI Magazine Registration

The declaration for the new magazine in India can be made only by registering to the Registrar of Newspaper in India. The procedure for the registration of the magazine initially relies on the basis of whether your magazine has a foreign collaboration or is simply regional. In case there exist a foreign collaboration then the procedure for registration gets a little more complicated. It is because the Ministry of I&B will have to give their approval. The magazine chain in India cannot be commenced if the approval from RNI has not been received.
The initial step will be getting the title verified, the name under which the magazine will be published in India. Once, the title proposed for the magazine registration is available to be published then apply for the approval of the title. After the approved has been received, then it has to be registered. The additional steps include the submission of the necessary documents. The steps that the registration includes:

Steps for Magazine Registration

  • Title verification application: The preliminary step in the procedure of starting the magazine involves getting the name or title of the publication verified by RNI. In order to do so, you will have to fill a verification application for the magazine’s title to the respective District Magistrate. TO get the application right follow the instructions and the format stated on the website of RNI.
  • Declaration of the file with District Magistrate: After you have obtained the letter of title verification from the RNI, the next step will be to file the declaration form with the concerned District Manager in the Form 1 which is in accordance with the Rule 3 of the Registrar Of newspapers Rules, 1956. The publisher and the printer of the magazine need separate declaration if the both are different. In case the printer and the publisher are the same then there is no need for separate declarations. On the date of the hearing, the editor, the printer and the publisher have to present themselves before the District Magistrate in order to take the oath.
  • Display of the title of the newspaper on the cover page including all the other pages.
  • The date line as well as the page number on every page.
  • The imprint that encompasses the name of the publisher, printer, owner and editor, the publication location’s addresses, the printing press and all the other significant names.

The documents for the RNI registration form for the magazine

The documents for the RNI registration form for the magazine that you should present before the District Magistrate are:
  • The Form 1, i.e. the form of declaration copy which must be filled by the editors, publisher, and the printer.
  • The proof of address and the identification proof of the editor, publisher, and the printer.
  • The copy of the printing press license of the printer.
  • Publication commencement: After the authentication of the post declaration, the first issue or the print of the magazine must be published within the time period of six weeks if it is the weekly or daily publication, and the time period of three months is applicable to the magazines that are bi-monthly or yearly or monthly publications.
  • Registration application: After the first print is out, an application of proforma for the registration of the newspaper or the periodical has to be submitted to the RNI. This application submission task must be done within the time period of two years and if you fail to do so then the title of the magazine is de-blocked and is made available for the other applicants. The application must include the following documents:
    1. The copy of the letter of title verification.
    2. The attested copy of the authenticated declaration duly by the District Magistrate.
    3. The first print of the magazine.
    4. In case the language differs from the first issue then the current issue of the magazine.
    5. The attested affidavit of "No foreign tie up".
    6. The selected publication classification from the available list of categories.
The RNI after the completion of the mentioned processes will now evaluate whether your magazine meets all the criteria stated in the declaration and once they ensure and check that all the criteria are met and they are satisfied then the RNI will issue to you the RNI Certificate.
  • Post registration: There exist various formalities of post registration, which have to be taken care of within the selected time category. The few of those are:
    1. Everytime that the copy of your magazine is printed it must be first presented to the Registrar of Newspaper in India within 48 hours as according to the Rule 5(1) of the Registrar of Newspaper Rules, 1956 it is mandatory.
    2. The first print published each year after the last day in the month of February must consist of a statement that is about the ownership and the other specifics regarding the newspaper in the Form IV.
    3. According to the Rule 6(1), the Registrar of Newspapers Rules, 1956, you also have to submit the annual statement in the Form II, either on or prior to the last day of the month of May in the following year.
The information that you seek for the legal publication of the magazine may take tine but with the authentic documents and the adoption of the right steps will get you the approval that you need to share your opinions, stories, and other special perspectives with the large population of the country of India. The country in which, the demand for good magazines are always increasing.
If you are the printer and publisher as well then maybe hiring a different and more experienced publication head will be a good option. It is because the approval for starting the newspaper requires instant attendance and time, which is sometimes the printer who is also the publisher, is not able to give due to the many details that had to be taken care of regarding the newspaper.
Therefore, with the steps stated above it is fairly clear that no magazine or the newspaper has the right to circulate in the country until and unless it has the RNI Certification. Without the approval from the RNI the magazine will be nothing more than the illegal sheets of information and advertisements that are not supposed to be in the market.
To get the legal recognition and respect in the country it is of paramount importance that you follow the RNI procedure for magazine registration in India steps one by one.