Procedure for RNI Registration

RNI Registration

The procedure for getting your newspaper and magazine published India involves a few simple steps that have to be followed to get your published documents recognized officially in the country. The authority for the approval of the publication of the newspapers and magazines lies with the Registrar of Newspaper of India and the procedure that it involves are:

  • RNI Title Verification: First and foremost fill out the application for the title verification. The title verification is the approval of the name under which the newspaper and the magazine will be published. Go through the instructions given online for filling out the application form so that you do not make any mistakes. The application when completed has to be submitted to the regional magistrate.
  • Diary number: The next step will be to ask the magistrate for the diary number and submit the same to the Registrar of Newspaper in India.
  • Title approval: If the title presented by you for the approval meets all the requirements for the titles that are eligible for the newspapers and magazines the RNI will approve it for further procedures. The approved title must be then forwarded to the district magistrate.
  • Our hearing: Place the request to the regional or district magistrate for the court hearing of the approved title.
  • Magistrate’s approval: It is after the approval received from the RNI that the regional magistrate can decide in the court hearing whether to approve the title or not and if the magistrate too approves the title then commence the step that will lead to the publication of the first copies of the newspaper.
  • Second approval from the RNI: The first copy of the newspaper has to be submitted to the RNI who will examine the details that the newspaper contains and then if all the things seem right you will have the final and the legal approval through the RNI Certification to join your name in the chains of newspaper that runs in the country.

List of Documents Required for RNI Registration

The steps in reading might sound easy and simple to carry forward however there are certain things that will make the procedure for RNI registration successful and that are the possession of the right documents, namely:

  • A copy of the title verification letter.
  • The attested copy of the declaration filled and authenticated by the regional or district magistrate.
  • "No foreign tie up" affidavit filled and attested by notary.
  • The first issue of the newspaper or magazine presented within 45 days if it is daily the newspaper or within 90 days if it weekly or so on.
  • The copy of the current publication.
The steps are simple and with the right documents in hand getting the approval from the RNI will not amount to any stress or difficulty.
In order to get legally acknowledged follow the steps and make your space in the history of the newspapers and magazines that undoubtedly forms the best part of the people lives in India.