Procedure for RNI Newspaper Registration

The registration for the newspaper involves a rather elaborate procedure. If you have the intentions to commence the independent chain of newspapers, then the title that the newspaper is supposed to carry must be verified from the Registrar of Newspaper in India. In order for that to take place, your publishing head must write an application addressed to District Magistrate so as to get the title that the newspaper will carry and be known for, periodicity, language that the content of the newspaper will be written in, the owner’s name, and the place of publication verified. In today’s time period, the newspaper registration can be done online for you can apply for the verification via the virtual platform, which is an immense time-saver.
After the applicant’s authenticity has been evaluated by the District Magistrate, the process of forwarding the application to the RNI takes place. The RNI further reviews the overall credentials and the other documents linked as well as its full aspects. If all the process and checking passes the tests then the RNI confirms the decision to the District Magistrate and the publisher for the issue of the newspaper’s title via an official letter.
After this, the publisher will file the copy of the declaration to the District Magistrate in the prescribed structure and that will give a head start to the publication of the newspaper.

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